Brokerprove Business Benefits

Because Brokerprove was designed by Financial Advisors for Financial Advisors, it focuses and delivers on the areas where today’s business processes are not adding value. It was designed to eliminate these issues and to use digital technologies create additional new advantages.

The challenges faced by Financial advisors and Brokers

The main challenges for Advisors in today’s turbulent and dynamic economic environment relate to growing and/or replacing customer revenues to adapt to market changes, remaining compliant with current and new regulatory requirements, and improving the profitability of the business.

  • Efficient & Effective use of time for both the professional & back office staff.
  • Compliance, Legal & Related overhead
    • Financial Regulator, Data Protection & eCommerce
  • Increasing administration & paperwork
  • Management & Storage of Paper Records
  • Accessibility of Client records at meetings, in phone calls etc. (Responsiveness & Client service)
  • Minimising costs
  • Back up & Security (Security, Resilience & Robustness of IT systems)
  • Creation of trust

The Business Benefits of Brokerprove

  • Information Access: Brokerprove enables on-line access to your documents anywhere, any time for both professional and back office staff. This improves productivity and client service levels. The time wasted preparing, editing and searching for documents is reduced significantly. More time is available for the professional to spend with clients and more can be achieved during that valuable face-to-face time.  (Productivity & Client Service)
  • Trust in the process and documentation: the Brokerprove content security process and its ability to verify and provide indisputable evidence of the provenance, integrity and authenticity of documents and communications ensures confidence and conformance for all stakeholders including 3rd parties such as auditors and regulators.  (Trust & Compliance)
  • Reduction or total elimination of paper processing and records: speeds up the process and enables digital communications, reduces cycle times, reduces errors and reduces storage requirements.  (Quality & Cost)
  • Performance Improvement: the Brokerprove digital process improves both overall effectivity & efficiency. Professionals and back office staff now spend significantly more time on added value activities that relate to meeting their clients’ and 3rd party needs as part of their daily routine and less time on waste or non-added-value activities such as processing paperwork.  (Commercial Success)
  • Return on Investment: improved productivity and client services leads to reduced costs and increased revenues/income; this all goes to the bottom line. For a small up-front investment payback periods can be as short as 6 weeks for a medium sized practice. (Profit & Profitability)