Brokerprove Cloud

Brokerprove-Cloud is the full feature core product in the portfolio, bringing all the features and benefits to its users.

  • Automatically secures and certifies Files/Documents ?
  • Financial Advisor Document & File Manager ?
  • Anywhere, anytime access to documents via the internet ?
  • Automatic back-up & recovery of all files and folders ?
  • Compliance, missing document feature ?
  • Provenance & Integrity verification by any party ?
  • Seemlessly adds an additional level of security and compliance to existing software ?

Brokerprove -Cloud has enhanced the process, security, discipline and compliance (Regulatory and Data-protection) for its users but the biggest benefits derived relate to the business:-

  • Move from paper processing and records to digital documentation, deriving all the productivity and quality benefits of the digital world.
  • Improved customer and supplier service by communicating and processing in a digital/electronic manner. Reducing cycle times and enhancing responsivness.
  • Enhanced IT┬ácompliance, security and performance .
  • Reduction or total elimination of paper processing and records , saving on storage and manual handling/processing day to day.
  • More efficient and effective use of time for both professionals and back office staff. Professionals can spend more time with clients and achieve more in a single meeting by having on-line secure access to documents. Back office staff become more productive with rapid access to client and supplier informations on-line.
  • Bottom line more profitable business