Brokerprove unique features

There are many document, file and record management solutions on the market today, so it’s important when making a decision to make your investment in Brokerprove that you as a Financial Advisor can make the best decision for your business.¬† Because¬†Brokerprove was designed by financial advisors for financial advisors we took a very practical and pragmatic approach. Having jointly understood the daily challenges in a Financial Advisors business, we then analysed the routine and daily activities for the professionals and back office staff and what a process would look like enabled by digital technology. We did this in the context of the business goals, client and market needs and expectations, 3rd party stakeholder needs and expectations, and how the business is managed. Brokerprove was developed, tested and released to Beta clients and adjusted to refine its performance, leading to a product that has the following unique features compared to alternative solutions:

  • Professional & Back office users can be up and running productively in a matter of hours.
  • The document and file management features are specific to Financial Advisor business practices¬†including a compliance missing document feature.
  • The use of Digiprove’s unique and patented process cost effectively assures the Provenance, Integrity and Authenticity of the digital process & documentation creating greater trust & compliance.
  • The use of Digiprove’s technology complies with the eCommerce Act and eliminates the need for paper records.
  • The cost to set up and operate Brokerprove is very low and you only pay for the volume of activity you transact once set up.
  • It co-exists with existing software and digital content and pre-existing files and folders can be quickly included in the Brokerprove automatic protection system