Brokerprove Webinar for PIBA Members On-Demand

Exclusive Webinar for PIBA Members

Brokerprove is a file management system specifically designed for brokers to allow them to move their business from paper to digital whilst allowing them to remain compliant and enhancing the security of their documents.

Brokerprove has a number of different business benefits and this on-demand webinar will cover a number of different topics and show you how Brokerprove will help your business:

  • Reduce time spent on admin.
  • Improve client service.
  • Digitise your files and documents, making file management easy.
  • Prove the integrity, authenticity and provenance of digital documents.
  • Online access to documents. Access your documents through an internet connection, anywhere, anytime.
  • Achieve compliance and much more…

The webinar is available to watch anytime by simply registering to watch.

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