We all know that one of the major benefits of the digital world is the ability to quickly create, modify or delete digital content. We also understand now that this benefit is also potentially one of the key weakness if proper precautions are not taken. Brokerprove was born out of the need to address these risks for Financial advisors as they move more of their process to the Digital world thus deriving the business benefits of being on-line.

Brokerprove is underpinned by Digiprove’s patented technology which allows the provenance and integrity of any digital content to be created and verified on-line, quickly and very cost effectively. Brokerprove follows best practice for software and for Financial Advisory process

eCommerce – e Business Legislation

Legislators and governments have created laws to encourage the adoption of new technologies and derive the benefits for society and citizens. In addition these new laws also build in protections so there is security and redress should anyone abuse their position in the digital commerce world. In Ireland the eCommerce Act 2000 is one such law within the EU. Brokerprove is one of a very small number of commercial business applications which meets all the requirements for digital data records. In particular where there are record retention mandates from regulators an example being financial data related to Taxation. By using Brokerprove or Digiprove technology the provenance and integrity of digital records can be secured and verified at any time and any tampering whether accidental or malicious will be evident.

Data Protection

Data protection laws have been in place for some time now in most countries. They are there to protect the individuals privacy and prevent misuse of personal data. The EU has comprehensive legislation. The responsibilities for any business that acquires and maintains personal data has not changed in the digital world, and within  these organisations what is required from the “Data Controller” & “Data Processor” are well defined in legislation. What has been changing recently in the digital world are the business processes and applications enabled by Cloud Technology and the fear that the location and control of sensitive personal data may be lost. However the Data Protection Commissioner has issued clear guidelines and continues to enhance the guidelines and requirements as they learn with the industry.

In particular in the EU guideline master contracts between Data Controllers & Data Processors are now available as one of the mechanisms to give comfort to business, citizens and society that there are controls and methods of redress should personal data by mis used.

Digiprove as with all other suppliers (even the big multi-nationals) monitors the latest developments and conforms to best current available practices. Our Cloud providers are Multinational corporations with data centres and operations in Ireland and we believe provide the best available data protection solutions for our clients.