How Cloud File Storage will Change a Brokers office

Changing the way you do business. That’s how cloud computing and file storage is usually sold. Cloud file storage is the future, once you move to the cloud you’ll never look back. That’s the sales patter, but what does the cloud really mean for financial advisors?

The broker’s office of the future will look different, because cloud file storage will allow brokers to throw out old equipment and replace it with shinier new gadgets. Let’s look at the main changes cloud file storage could make in your office.

Briefcase -> Tablet

What do you use your briefcase for? Carrying case files, maybe a copy of the Times and sandwich for lunch? Cloud file storage will ultimately make the briefcase obsolete. With your documents accessible online through a tablet device, why would you carry them around? You can get the times online through a tablet as well, so really all you need to figure out is where to keep your lunch.

Filing Cabinets -> Shredder

Filing cabinets are an office stalwart. Financial advisors rely on these big metal cuboids to securely store case files to stay in compliance and provide access to old documents when required. Cloud file storage alongside the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 will change all that though. According to the act, information can be held digitally ‘if there exists a reliable assurance as to the integrity of the information from the time when it was first generated in its final form’. With a cloud system like Brokerprove, there is a built in file authentication software meaning you don’t need to store physical files to stay compliant. So you can replace your filing cabinets, with a shredder.

Filing Time -> Business Time

The main thing cloud file storage and cloud backup will change is time. These solutions remove the need to spend time filing or backing up to a physical drive. They give that time back to the business. Your staff can leave the mundane filing to the machines while they can get on with the important job of helping your clients.

Cloud file storage will change the way offices look forever. That may sound like a sales pitch, but it’s more than that. For brokers, it really is the future.

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