What it does?

Documentation can be created or scanned and secured with Brokerprove and stored locally or securely in the cloud, thus allowing faster search and recover of information any place any time. The user controls and manages:-

Confidentiality – Who has access?

Authorisation – What can they do?

Accountability – What has been done?

Integrity – Has it been altered?

Authenticity – Is it Genuine?

Non-Repudiation – Can it be challenged?


Is a complete data management solution for Financial Advisors & Brokers that incorporates:

  • Digitisation and encryption of all files, documents and communications
  • File & Document Management designed for Financial Advisors
  • Compliance missing file detection
  • Automated online backup
  • Secure access to your entire filing system from anywhere
  • Automatic evidence of authenticity and time-stamp of every document
  • Tamper-proof audit trail

The solution moves your data to “the Cloud” while you retain the use of all the software you have already paid for.  This will give you:

  • A shared master file storage capability, up to date at all times for all users
  • On-the-road access to all documents in a secure way
    • From a Windows laptop
    • From your Apple Mac laptop
    • From an iPad
    • From an iPhone
  • Automatic back-up (up-to-the-minute)

To ensure your compliance to the Data Protection Act, the cloud storage is in Ireland, and all data on the cloud will be encrypted with a secret key.  The service is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability of data.  In layman’s terms if you store 100,000 separate files, you can on average expect to incur a loss of a single file once every 1,000,000 years.


Includes all the above features apart from automated back-up & recovery and anywhere, anytime access to your documents/files via the web. If you already have a remote access solution (such as VPN) then you will be able to access your files remotely. The advantage of Brokerprove-Cloud is that the whole process of managing and accessing files remotely is simplified and automated and all files will be backed up automatically.

Brokerprove-Office is designed for those Financial Advisors who have some limitation on the use of Cloud based services. There are very few users who have such a limitation and many already use various other cloud based software such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, or Omnibroker as an example.

All you have to do

Brokerprove is delivered on a small , low cost, robust PC. All you need to do is connect to your network or PC. The local application on the PC is simple to set up and connects automatically to our secure “Proof Engine” & the Cloud storage sub system.

Our engineers are available on-site or over the phone to get you up and running quickly. All you have to do then is identify those folders where you will store sensitive digital content in your current file structure. As you create new content, edit, scan or load new sensitive content which is stored in your system, it is immediately protected by Digiprove’s product automatically issuing digital fingerprint certificates and storing your content in the cloud.