Brokerprove was designed to enable Financial Advisors improve their productivity and client services by moving their business from paper to digital documentation while maintaining regulatory compliance including data protection requirements. Brokerprove takes advantage of the latest security and cloud technology to deliver benefits to our users.

Brokerprove is made up of a number of modules:

Brokerprove – Autoprotect

This is a simple application which is installed on your Brokerprove server (and can also be installed on laptops, macs etc.). You can be installed, configured and up and running in a matter of minutes. The application runs as a background task, automatically securing the provenance and time-stamp of all important files (those stored in pre-nominated folders). The provenance of documents and their integrity are now certified, secured and can be validated at any time. Locally you can view the history and logs.

Brokerprove – Document Filer

Document Filer is an easy-to-use file manager for Financial Advisors. Use this for all your important documents whether they are scans of paper documents, incoming or outgoing emails, Word documents, PDFs etc. It makes filing easy and iIt is pre-programmed with the standard case types, document types etc. to enforce standardised folder structures and file-naming conventions. It allows the user manage their daily digital document workload more efficiently and helps ensure that everything that should be filed is filed. In addition it incorporate a compliance-checking algorithm that scans all your case files to ensure that all the required documents for that case type have in fact been filed – a to-do list for compliance.

Brokerprove – Cloud Module

This module automatically manages your Cloud data, synchronising your Cloud with the master copy of your data on the server. The Cloud data is encrypted for privacy and as one of the measures to ensure your compliance to Data Protection legislation. Your Cloud data is accessible in a secure way to you at remote locations, as long as you have internet access. Not only can you view information remotely, but there is 2-way synchronisation: subject to security permissions, you will be able to upload documents and files which will then in turn be reflected within minutes on your office copy. Finally this module incorporates automated and secure backup of all important data up to the minute.

Product Choice

We recommend that you install the complete Brokerprove product – Brokerprove Cloud – this includes all the modules above and maximises the benefits and value to your business. If you do not need the benefits of the Cloud you can choose Brokerprove Office which omits the Cloud module. This will also help with the budget (Cloud can be added later if required). If you wish to configure your solution to fit precise needs (e.g. you already have a Document Management system that incorporates search/index/retrieve, or you alerady have your own VPN or Private Cloud solution) please click on the Request More Info buttom below and we can examine your requirements and propose the correct configuration for your business.


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