Brokerprove is a simple software system designed for and with Financial Advisors to move their business from paper to digital remaining compliant and enhancing security.

  • Improves Professional and Back office staff productivity
  • Improves Client Service Levels
  • Improves Regulatory Compliance Process
  • Reduces Costs

 There are two products in the portfolio:


Brokerprove-Cloud is the full feature core product in the portfolio, bringing all the features and benefits to its users.

  • Automatically secures and certifies Files/Documents ?
  • Financial Advisor Document & File Manager ?
  • Anywhere, anytime access to documents via the internet ?
  • Automatic back-up & recovery of all files and folders ?
  • Compliance, missing document feature ?
  • Provenance & Integrity verification by any party ?
  • Seemlessly adds an additional level of security and compliance to existing software ?


Brokerprove-Office contains all the features and benefits of Brokerprove-Cloud without the cloud storage and access benefits. It was designed for clients who do not wish to move to the cloud and/or already are satisfied with an existing remote access solution, or at this time do not require secure remote/mobile access to files and folders. 

Compare Brokerprove-Cloud  & Brokerprove-Office

Brokerprove-Cloud is our full function product leveraging the full value of Cloud enabled services, while Brokerprove-Office provides the compliance and organisational benefits of Brokerprove without the benefits of the Cloud at a reduced cost.