Terms & Conditions

Brokerprove is a Trading Product name.

Digiprove Limited is the legal entity.

Digiprove is registered in Ireland No. 414284

Registered Address

2 Castle Terrace
Co. Dublin

Terms & Conditions

This is a subscription service and the contract is between the client and Digiprove Limited. The detailed terms and conditions for the subscription certification are outlined on the Digiprove core web site which manages all on-line transaction services. To review the terms and conditions (Click Here)

Brokerprove Cloud and Brokerprove Office require the installation of a 3rd party microserver and 3rd party software, in some cases customers will also purchase a scanner from Digiprove. Digiprove does not provide any warranty or guarantee on these components apart from what is our lawful obligation. The principal provider of these 3rd party components (Manufacturers warranty) will apply.

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