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Irish company Digiprove announces  Text & Tweet Protect

During the recent Presidential TV debate where information from a Tweet was used live during the debate and it was later admitted the Tweets claim was false, however the damage was done to the leading Independent candidate. Following this incident and several others where high profile individuals were misrepresented and a series of malicious Tweets issued, Digiprove looked to developing a simple, cost effective solution using its patented digital content security technology, which would enable greater trust in who is Tweeting? And what they have Tweeted?

This week they released the first in a planned series of on-line solutions for social media content provenance, integrity and authenticity protection and verification for Twitter.

Twitter offer a verification mark for high profile celebrities and individuals which has comprehensive identity verification and a blue mark is added to these user names on Twitter, however this option is not freely available to the masses.

“What is important is that the reader of a Tweet knows the Tweet is from a credible source, and what was read in the Tweet is actually what the Tweeter sent. The Digiprove text function achieves this allowing the reader of the Tweet check the digital certificate for that Tweet by following a short link inserted into the Tweet, says Digiprove CEO Cian Kinsella”

Digiprove is an Irish technology company who provide solutions for individuals and business  to protect any type of Digital content, securing its provenance, integrity and authenticity and enabling any 3rd party verify these on-line. Users of the patented technology include individuals wishing to protect their copyright to businesses who have integrated the Digiprove process into their own software. The technology has applications in many business arenas including Regulatory compliance, Digital evidence & eDiscovery, creating trust in digital content and creating tamper evidence. Anywhere Digital information is used to make important decisions or take action either by an individual or an organisation this technology secures trust in the digital content used.

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