The Advantages of Cloud Data Backup for Brokers

As a broker or financial advisor, you’ll probably have heard a lot about data backup. Most industries in Ireland at the moment are being bombarded with advice to get into the cloud. Cloud data backup has become the latest must-have for businesses big and small. But besides being up to speed on the newest technology, what does it have to offer for your average broker?


For most brokers their data backup plan consists of a mix of physical digital drives and filing cabinets. In a lot of cases those filing cabinets are taking over the office. In others, they have drawers containing physical backup drives. Cloud data backup takes all of this clutter and moves it out of the office.

With cloud data backup, your data is accessible from the cloud so you don’t need to keep an off site storage locker, and you don’t have to worry about losing your hard drive on the way home from work. For brokers, who deal with masses of documents every day, that extra space could make a huge difference.


Filing takes time. There’s no two ways about it, if you’re physically filing away a document or performing a weekly tape backup you’re using up valuable time. It may not seem like a lot of time, but it adds up.

Cloud data backup can give that time back to your business. Most cloud backup systems will automatically back up your data instantly. Which means you’ll be more productive and more efficient.


The most impressive thing about cloud data backup, is also the first thing to become second nature. The ability to access your documents from anywhere is impressive the first time you do it. Once you’ve been using cloud data backup for a while, you get so used to that access that you’ll forget what it was like to drive back to the office to pick up a file.

That freedom, to conduct your business from anywhere is the true power of cloud computing and cloud data backup. Once you start to work that way, you won’t want to stop.

Filing and retrieving documents are two of the most important, and least exciting tasks a broker has to perform each day. Cloud data backup gives you the space, time and freedom to enjoy filing a little more.

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