What is Brokerprove?

Brokerprove is an innovative solution for financial advisors to manage, process and store their records online in a secure, efficient and compliant manner. It allows you to maintain the highest levels of compliance while improving overall service levels and operational efficiency.

As a Financial Advisor your clients depend on you to provide professional expert advice, services and product recommendations that meet clients’ specific needs.

You and your organisation need to be able to demonstrate to the client and to the regulatory authorities that you have met their requirements in a fair, secure and professional manner.

Traditionally you communicate with all stakeholders using paper based content and written signatures and these documents are central to your conformance and good practice.

You can now move your process and records on-line and interact with all the stakeholders in a way that they are now comfortable with, while maintaining compliance and improving service levels and operational efficiency.

Brokerprove based on an innovative patented technology will allow you to produce and manage files and content on-line in an efficient, secure and compliant manner.

Brokerprove allows the advisor to engage with their clients in a modern, efficient manner at any place they choose, whether in their office, their client’s office or home or any agreed location once they have access to the internet. Legacy documentation can be scanned and secured with Brokerprove and stored locally or securely in the cloud, thus allowing faster search and recovery of information at any place any time. New and changed documentation can be secured and stored in the presence of the client creating greater trust and responsiveness in their eyes and progressing the process and relationship. The days of phoning the office, interrupting your associate to go search and retrieve some paper record from the filing cabinet or archives are gone.

Should you wish to move to fully compliant digital signatures on touch sensitive portable devices such as the iPad, the Digiprove-Signature is a complementary solution.


In Summary


  • Process Conformance
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • Financial Regulatory Compliance
  • Secure Content & Communications
  • Reduction of paper based transactions
  • Secure access to files from anywhere
  • Tamper Evidence
  • Audit Trail