What We Do

Brokerprove gives advisors the ability to engage with their clients in any way they choose, whether in their office, their clients’ office or home or any agreed location once you have access to the internet.

We develop and supply a range of products and software developer utilities that allow quick and cost effective integration of our patented content-proving and certifying technology into existing IT environments and applications, thus securing the authenticity and integrity of the digital assets of our customers (or our customers’ customers). Our business is to enable our customers’ business to become more effective and efficient by creating trust in their digital data. This trust and confidence encourages their users and stakeholders to move more of their processes and content on-line.

Brokerprove is a specific solution for SME financial advisors (Life & Pension Brokers) that leverages the Digiprove technology to move their business from being paper based to on-line in the cloud securely and in compliance with regulations and good practice. Our customers have improved productivity and customer service through the deployment of Brokerprove.


Other products in our portfolio include:

SelfProtect – Online self-service copyright & IPR protection

Autoprotect – A background utility that continuously protects critical content and folders

Signature – An application that enables any form of e-signature (incl stylus written) be used

WebProtect – A plugin for WordPress that enables web publishers and bloggers protect all their content automatically

PDF Self Checker – Provides a visual indicator of PDF integrity on all PDF’s

Software Developers Tool Kit – API & Utilities to rapidly integrate the proof engine into software